45 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Married Life

  Fighting for control of the thermostat. Aggressive debates about what’s for supper. Arguing about who forgot what. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Whether you’re single, “it’s complicated,” or in a legit relationship, you’ve probably seen these arguments time and time again. While married life is wonderful, it has its share of frustration and is…

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Innocent Yet Hilariously Disturbing Kids Drawings (40 Pics)

Ah, those carefree, innocent days of childhood, when the world was wide open for you to interpret. But in trying to make sense of the world, our innocent brains often made some mistakes–sometimes really bad mistakes–resulting in hilarious misunderstandings. Now here is a ridiculously funny and often disturbing kid’s eye view of the world and…

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35 Brilliant Acts Of Vandalism Taken To The Next Nevel

While the debate over vandalism’s legality rages on, we can’t help but appreciate the anonymous street artists and their work.  Originality and lots of paint create icons that provide both entertainment and social commentary. Whether it’s painting on walls, taking advantage of protruding nails and pillars, or writing on the occasional toilet paper holder, the…

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