Apparently Divorce Cakes Are A Totally Normal Thing (25 pics)

The most romantic part of the marriage ceremony is when you say the lines “until death do us part”. Clearly divorce was never an option back when that was thought of. Still, nowadays to make the sting of ripping eachother’s lives in half a little less painful, you can simply give your ex-significant other a cake. Yum!

#1  The old ball and chain is no more

divorce cakes

#2  At least this is creative

divorce cakes

#3  Very honest

divorce cakes

#4  Kiss her goodbyedivorce cakes

#5  What’s with the… white stuff?

divorce cakes

#6  This looks tasty af

divorce cakes

#7  The real Barbie and ken they didn’t want you to see

divorce cakes

#8  Cake don’t play no games

#13  These are revenge cakes

Divorce cakes

#14  Symbolism

divorce cakes

#15  Call the police

#16  I mean dogs are great

#17  Kinda rude

divorce cakes

#18  Oh dear

#19  This is wonderfully hurtful

#20  Very cute

#21  Decapitation is a recurring theme

divorce cakes

#22  No Mickey, why?!

#23  Well you took your time

divorce cakes

#24  But everybody needs some ass

divorce cakes

#25  Bitesize insults

divorce cakes

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