This Is All Particularly Odd – 21 Pictures of Strange Goings On

How many myths are urban legends started in a time before smart phones and mobile cameras? The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, alien visitations… all happened before we could document it. Convenient isn’t it? Well, we may have such sightings now in our “enlightened” age, but millions of bizarre pictures are still captured every day. If you’re wondering how bizarre we’re talking, look at this list of 21 pictures that are particularly strange, even by today’s standards. 

#1  Seems like Wacky Races came to life

#2  Hide your kids away when this guy’s around. Also, can somebody check on that donkey?

#3  Saw this and immediately wondered how my ex was doing. No relation of course.

#4  This is why McDonalds were right to get rid of plastic straws.

#5  That is one badass looking dog, I’ll give it that.

#6  What is this vehicle called you ask? It’s whatever you want it to be.

#7  The 9 Horsemen of the Burning Man Apocalypse. Except they’re bears.

#8  This is a totally legit business.

#9  It seems ridiculous but I’ve seen it happen.

#10  We now make tops specifically for the big breasted amongst us. Not a complaint.

#11  The final boss of High School Gym class.

#12  Buses now identify as subway trains.

#13  Several decades of car combine. And it’s dreadful.

#14  I mean, I think this places serves cars?

#15  Alright, who broke the reset button?

#16  There’s an acceptable amount of upper thigh to show if you’re not on a beach. This ain’t it.

#17  Muppets have a life outside of work, you know.

#18  Do you have a license for that?

#19  You never seen an animated character ride the subway before?

#20  Sports have changed since I was younger.

#21  The cheapest kind of burial service you can buy!

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