60 Package Designs Created by the Devil Himself to Punish Us

Marketing is a business that relies on devilish tactics to get you to buy what companies are selling. Don’t believe me? Look around; everything you see is probably made to look better than it actually is. That’s the nature of advertising; hook people in with an idea and make them believe they’re getting that. With that in mind, take a look at these package designs that tricked many a poor soul into buying something they’re not really going to get.


#1 Then why show a cliff?!


#2  I guess less is more?

This Gummy Bear Cup

#3  This one just hurts my OCD

Typical Sale In Russia. Buy A Pack, Get A 2 Hot Dogs Free

#4  The lazy man’s way of selling sausage rolls

There Are Only 3 Veggie Sausage Rolls In This Pack

#5  Always show your best side

That's Just Rude

#6  Say one thing, mean another


#7  If nobody says anything, nothing happens

This Is Why I Have Trust Issues

#8  Always check behind the label

Nice Big Jumbo Shrimps

#9  Advice: just stick with the small. You don’t need the sugar anyway.

The Difference Between A Small Vs Medium Orange Juice At Mcdonalds

#10 Even sandwiches aren’t safe

This Deceiving Sandwich Packaging

#11  We’re gonna need a smaller box

Prolong Deliciousness

#12  Are you trying to mock me?

Oh The Irony

#13  This one is just cruel

I Needed Red. Guess Which One I Grabbed At First

#14  Well this will be useful if you lose some

Unopened Box Of "64 Crayon Colors" Turns Out To Just Be Orange

#15  Certainly getting your money’s worth here

This Box Of Chocolates. They Didn't Even Taste That Good!

#16  Well that’s simply not enough virgin!

This Olive Oil I Bought Wasn't Even Cheap

#17  What you see is what you get

My Wife Bought Some Pencils For Our Elementary School Where We Teach English In South Korea. Then She Opened The Box

#18  Two very different experiences await you here

That Could Have Been A Bad Choice

#19  America, Canada… what’s the difference?

My Life Is A Lie

#20  What a waste of packaging

Hate To See Waste In Packaging And Also Feel Like They Are Trying To Trick Me So I Feel Value. Please Make Bottle The Size Of Product!

#21 This does not need to be in a can.

Toss Me A Cold One, Will Ya?

#22  It’s what’s inside that counts

This Antivirus Software My Dad Bought Is Literally An Empty Case With A Code On The Back

#23  It’s got its own little house

This Packaging

#24 I’m gonna have to spread that out myself

Density Of Pepperonis Visible Through Pizza Box Window Is An Inaccurate Representation Of Whole-Pizza Coverage

#25 Ummm… what happened to them on the inside?

Great Taste, Not So Great Packaging

#26 About as misleading as it gets

Very Disappointing And Misleading Packaging

#27 More like ripoff Farms

Scumbag Hillshire Farms

#28 Those are some nice yellows you bought 

They Package Oranges In Red Mesh To Make Them Appear More Orangier

#29 It looks like they shouldn’t be there

Cranberry Chocolate

#30 Designers must be in short supply

When You Put Mustard In Your Tea

#31 100% impure

Purposely Misleading Labels

#32 What do you take us for?

Now Wait One God Dam Second

#33 You don’t want to piss off Santa!

Annoyed Santa

#34  Well, at least I don’t have to cut it myself

The Deception Of This Wrap

#35  You think we’re made of metal?

Another Cover To Fill The Air Gap

#36 This is elaborate

The Packaging On My New Screwdriver

#37  Said AA.. turns out they missed one!

Bought AA Batteries For These Led Lights I Bought, Because The Front Of The Packaging Said It Takes 2 AA Batteries

#38  The case of the missing cheese

Where's The Rest Of The Cheese?

#39  Looks better inside.

Lies All Around

#40  Not enough value for me

This Deceiving 3 Pack Of Colgate

#41  Singular, not plural

This Deceptive Packaging

#42  Please, give us money

Please *pay*

#43  Just confusing

Why Is So Much Math Involved? It's Just A Bag Of Razors

#44  This is like Iceland and Greenland all over again

I️ Work At Chipotle, The Brown Rice Comes In A White Bag, And The White Rice Comes In A Brown Bag

#45  Not another one…

Packaging That Tricks You

#46  But I need more!

When Companies Leave Room In Packaging For No Reason

#47  This is just shameful

Some Very Creative Packaging From Tesco

#48  “No Tube Present”

*Shakes Package* Hmm Feels Like There's At Least A Few, Seems Worth The Price... (No, It Doesn't Say On The Box How Many)

#49  Get that label out of the way!

Packaging That Tricks You

#50  Cool design I guess?

You're Kidding Me, Right? Made Me Think I Was Getting A Whole Box Of Tablets

#51  ‘Plentiful’, they called it…

Far From Plentiful

#52  Where’s the other half gone?

Don't Be Fooled By Asda Packaging. Warning "Contents May Be (Considerably) Smaller Than The Box"

#53  We beat you, Cologne company. With light.

Holding My Cologne Up The The Light Showed That The Bottle Isn’t Nearly As Big As It Appears

#54  Happiness is empty

This Package

#55  Excuse me, this ain’t right…

Thought I Was Buying A Long Tube Of Toothpaste

#56  Ireland, c’mon now

Honestly, Who Do They Think They're Fooling With This Waste Of Packaging?

#57  You want: 19cm. You get: 10cm.

Misleading Packaging Bullsh*t. Package: 19cm, "Lances" 10cm

#58  Again, another little house for the makeup.

This Lip Balm's Extra Packaging

#59  This is why you tear it open before you buy it

The Packaging For 4 Pack Of Mens Burberry Cologne Is Criminally Misleading And A Blatant Rip Off. 19.5mls Made To Look Like 100ml With Oversized Boxes And No Description And Measurements On Outer Box

#60  We can fit 4 or 8 but we’ll give you 5

They Could Just Package 4 Or 8 At The Time, But No

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