40 Blunt Sign That Do Not Mess Around With Their Message

The point of signs is usually to give directions or a warning to people so they they’re aware of an upcoming danger. This helps to avoid potential accidents. Normally there’s a degree of diplomacy or discretion to them, but sometimes the people who make signs just aren’t in the mood for playing. Here are 40 such examples of straightforward signs that doesn’t mess around:


#1  Irish Zoo Sign

Sign At An Irish Zoo

#2   Dark and twisted humour

Sarcasm Meets Capitalism

#3   Sounds reasonable!

It’s Only Fair

#4   I admire the honesty.

This Sign At My Uncles House

#5   Doctor of TRUTH


#6   Survival of the fittest

I Noticed A New Sign At My Doctors Office

#7   It’s a touchy subject

Good Advice

#8   Uh… don’t get lost

At Pittsburgh Zoo - What?

#9   Nature is SCARY

This Corn Maze Sign

#10  Wanna harbour an escapee?

Thanks For The Heads Up

#11   A fair deal.

I Mean... It’s Not Wrong

#12   You really can’t win.

Presenting Exhibit A

#13   Have some boundaries, people

I Have Well Meaning Neighbours Who Knock On My Door At All Times (All Times) To Inform Me Of Neighbourhood Discord

#14   It’s very clear


#15   It’ll do more than bite!

This Sign

#16   Go Bears

This Sign Outside A Cabin My Family Is Staying In

#17   You may go viral!

Gotta Be Bold To Urinate In Public In Tirana, Albania

#18   Church is also scary

This Sign At My Local Orthodox Church

#19   Hippos don’t play

At The Hippo Exhibit

#20   Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Take A Guess

#21   What a sign!

This Is A Real Sign

#22   The real world is tough

Public Service Announcement To All Kids

#23   Awww, cute

Alligators Love Kids

#24   Wolves are watching

At A Nearby Wolf Sanctuary

#25   I do love a guarantee

Crocodile Enclosure At Sydney Aquarium

#26   This one is important

Seen At My Local Tattoo Studio

#27   Cost effective

Just Another Day In Alaska

#28   Only in Texas

Texas, Home Of The World's Scariest Sign

#29   Tbf to the tigers, that looks good

This Is How Our Tigers See You

#30   You’ve been warned

Trust Me, I Won't

#31   You know what it means.

No Idea What It Means But Can't Be Good

#32   Crocs will catch you if you fall

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee-Uh Oh!

#33   And many, many days after

No Worries, 3 Layers Of Glass Still Remain To Protect You From The King Of The Jungle

#34   That’s a strong chance I think

A Good Reminder Not To Drown

#35   Standard Australia 

My Relaxing Road Trip From Darwin To Melbourne, Australia

#36   They didn’t have this in Lilo and Stitch

Advertisement For An Anti-Malaria Medicine (1941)

#37   Simple, yet effective message

Killer Coconuts In Oahu Hi

#38   You have reached your final destination

Ominous AF

#39   Oh my God.

Found This Gem At A Local Bulk Foods Store

#40   Are the adults aliens?

Ummm... Okay?

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