People Who Shopped Online While Drunk And Regretted it (50 Pics)

While online shopping sober can be fun, letting a drunk person scroll through Ebay can be even more thrilling. While you don’t always remember what you bought, finding the terrifying t-shirts, house decorations, and artwork on your doorstep a week later will leave you questioning why you touched the bottle to begin with. Check out the photos below for photos of some great drunk purchases!

#1  Appreciate what tequila and can do

#2  The couch I barely remember ordering ended up working out for my cat

#3  I was drunk and told the Dominos guy to bring me McDonald’s in the special instructions section…

#4  Don’t do Ebay under the influence. Just don’t

#5  My mom got drunk and bought us a third dog

#6  I meant to buy my toad one hat, but bought 100 instead

#7  Sometimes drunk Amazon is a good idea

#8  I bought my dog… panda socks?

#9  Drunk online googly eyes

#10  My wife’s very proud of her purchase

#11  After a night of shopping I can’t remember, I now have a Jurassic Pug

#12  My cat now has a house

#13  Sober Me got a present from Drunk Me

#14  I added a ton of stuff to my Amazon wishlist while I was drunk one night, then my mom decided to order it all for Christmas

#15  I somehow found and bought 8lbs of cereal marshmallows last night

#16  Found this in the mail… ordered by me…

#17  “Hey man I got really drunk last night and bought a pig. Her name’s Carol. Wanna come over and meet her?” 

#18  I ordered an eggplant vibrator… 

#19  Dadbod beach towel – best purchase I’ve ever made

#20  My buddy got drunk one night and ordered a bunch of shirts with his face on them and gave them to all his friends.  The Dave Shirt Movement began

#21  I ordered 11.5 pounds of cheese. For myself. By myself

#22  I got dead drunk at a friend’s birthday and found this in the mail three weeks later

#23  Apparently this is my drunk style

#24  My drunk shopping tendencies bought me this

#25  Welcome to my house of drunken choices

#26  How I bought these I don’t know

#27  My friend got wasted and bought a scorpion. I found this on her Snapchat

#28  This shirt screams “drunk”

#29  Yep. It’s a shirt

#30  I ordered just a single bag of tea from Japan

#31  These drunk t-shirts are gold

#32  I have no regrets

#33  Lightning kitty seems to appeal to my drunk senses

#34  Maybe my weirdest drunk Ebay purchase

#35  I need to stop drunk-ordering pizza

#36  Ever-present to remind me of my drunk gallavanting on Ebay

#37  A message to sober me from drunk me

#38  I bought a life-size cutout of Danny Devito?

#39  I present my new Ocarina, an ancient wind musical instrument

#40  Yep. I bought this. Drunk

#41  Probably my best drunk purchase in a while

#42  Merry Christmas sober me!

#43  I guess I need to start training

#44  My first venture into drunk Ebay was… interesting

#45  Drunk antique shopping is the name of the game

#46  I’m trying to understand why drunk me thought this would be a good idea

#47  I remember having a drunk conversation about Batman and this arrived

#48  Nick Cage for the win!

#49  My drunk self is attracted to strawberry shortcake merchandise, apparently.

Image result for cat strawberry house

#50  Trying to figure out why I now have 100 tiny handcuffs.

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