When Ordering Online Goes Horribly Wrong (40 Pics)


Oh, the conveniences of modern life: from having a computer in our pockets everywhere we go that is more powerful than the ones that put men on the moon, to self-driving cars, we are truly living in an age of miracles. And one of the greatest conveniences has to be the ability to shop online. However the convenience sometimes turns into a nightmare when things don’t turn out quite as advertised. Here are some examples of tremendous–and hilarious– fails in adventures in online shopping.


1.  I thought this would change from a black cup to a nice Christmas scene. Nope. They copied the demo image.

I Bought This Cup For My Wife Expecting It To Change From A Black Cup To A Christmas Scene

2. Two-person tent is clearly not the same as a two-person CHILD’S tent

3 Years Ago I Unknowingly Bought A 2 Person Child's Tent Thinking It Was Adult Sized...And I Still Took It To The Festival

3. What a cute set of pajamas… Wait. What the hell is that?

Thought I Brought The Cutest Little PJ Set From Ann Summers Until I Looked Closer At The Patter

4. You gotta check the dimensions, man

Bought A Rug Online For My Room

5. She tried to surprise her mom for Mother’s Day, but Amazon has no chill

Tried To Surprised My Mum For Mother's Day. Put This In The Special Requirements And They F***in Print It On The Box

6. Cool cane, though…

My Mum Ordered A Cake For My Sister And Asked For A Blond Girl On Top But It Autocorrected To Blind And We Got This

7. This “fur wolf tail for Halloween Fancy Dress” looks, um, uncomfortable?

The "Fur Wolf Tail For Halloween Fancy Dress" I Ordered Off Ebay Has Arrived

8. But that cat will look super cool when it’s time to go back to classes in the fall

My Mum Ordered My Nephew A Converse Rucksack For School Online And This Is What Came

13. Now order some tiny binoculars so you can watch your tiny TV

My Roomate Ordered A TV Stand Off Amazon. This Is What Came

14. I hate it when previous owners leave their prints all over their electronic devices

Wtf Never Buying Off Ebay Again

15. Flower substitution that will have your mom crying

Thanks For The Flowers Substitution

16. Going for the potato sack/ancient Egyptian look, I see

Online Shopping Probs

17. For those born without a torso

What Size Is This?

18. It’s waiting for you to stuff it with love

What I Ordered VS What I Got

19. A runner for your hallway, or for your book

I Actually Ordered A Tiny Rug. Now It's A Beautiful Bookmark!

20. At least his shoulders will be nice and warm

I Think This Company Missed The Mark On "Sized For Large Breed Dogs"

21. Mom ordered some lovely garden deck chairs. Maybe the garden gnomes can enjoy them?

Mum Order Deckchairs For The Garden For Her And My Dad And This Is What Came

22. Size is everything, at least when ordering online

Always Take Notice Of A Product's Size When Shopping Online

23. There are seriously a lot of dollhouses out there missing their stuff

Ordered A New Wooden Cutting Board That Collects Bread Crumbs In The Bottom. This Is What Came

24. *Your results may vary

Never Again Will I Order A Dress From China. Never Again

25. There’s a little punk rocker somewhere sadly going barefoot to his tiny mosh pits

My Sister Ordered Boots Offline For Her Halloween Costume And This Is What Came In The Mail

26. Boy’s arm chair manufacturer had a very specific size boy in mind

This Is Why You Should Always Check Product Dimensions Before Ordering Something Online

27. More disappointment received within 4-6 weeks

Throwback To Last Year When I Thought It Was A Good Idea To Buy A Prom Dress Online From China

28. This $750 piece of paper he thought was going to be an Xbox One

Man Pays $750 For A Piece Of Paper He Thought Was An Xbox One

29. What a cool vest! Oh…

Such An Intricate Design! Oh, Wait...

30. Maybe think twice when ordering clothes from China

Ordering Clothes From China. Expectations Vs Reality

31. Moms ordering online are a fount of hilarity

Mom Thought She Ordered Some Cheap Leggings For Herself And This Came In The Mail

32. Shroedinger’s pants: you’re wearing them but you’re also not wearing anything at all

Neither Dressed Nor Naked

33. Expectation versus reality, level flowers

What I Ordered For My Wife And What She Received

34. Just 90 degrees off, that’s not much, right?

Something Is Not Right

35. Maybe if you smiled like the model in the ad…


36. Ghost Princess Leia

This Princess Leia Costume Looks More Like A Ghost Costume

37. That face will haunt your dreams

Just Needs A Petticoat!

38. Hey, crystal, spray-painted rock…tomato tomahto, amirite?

She Ordered A "genuine Crystalshe - Received A Spray Painted Rock

39. Chinese tailors strike again, prom version

What Happens When You Buy A Prom Dress From China, Love It

40. When this dress turned out to be a shirt

Ordering A Dress.. Came As A Shirt.. ????????


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