40 Hilarious Pinterest Fails To Kill Your DIY Dreams

Pinterest should come with warning labels. What starts out as a project guaranteed to ramp up the cute factor of your home soon turns into a skewed, misshapen blob. Making cute cookies and snacks? Even worse. DIY disasters, while tragic and heartbreaking, are also hilarious – after all, who doesn’t want to laugh at someone’s crushed hopes and dreams? Below are some of the best Pinterest DIY fails on the internet!


1. Princess Glerf

2. Rabid demon hedgehog

3. Chubby skeleton boy

4. We are big blue blobs that will destroy the world!

5. Pikach-ewwwww

6. Melty egg soldiers

7. Cthulu pie

8.  Who thought using the baby as a prop would be a good idea?

9. Counting sheep or straggly nightmares?

10. Is that candy corn?

11.  I think Buzz has been out in space for a little too long

12. Rubber Ducky gore

13. Melting minions

14. Flag or terrifying face. Either works

15. Either way, this is a fail

16. Is this supposed to be something?

17. Are those vitamin tablets?

18. Barbie vs. evil villain

19. Some sort of hideous primordial goo

20. The perfect hostess snack

21. I see the similarity

22. Anyone need a pink and green cake with brown clumps?

23. Santa meets strawberry monster

24. Just add salt

25. So, if you mush all the reindeer together does it make it a super-reindeer?

26. No-sew homeless pillow

Now They Just Look Homeless is listed (or ranked) 32 on the list 50+ Pinterest FAILs That'll Kill Your DIY Dreams

27. Elegant cupcakes vs. rachet kitchen

28. Maybe they’re distant cousins?

29. Terrifying pumpkins, perfect for Halloween

30. The candy didn’t even bother to change shape

31. Calorie paradise flop

32. This flattened cake pop to scare all the kids at school

33. Or solidified berry mix. Either one

34. Croissant boomerangs, for your dining pleasure

35. If the candy’s there, that’s all that matters

36. But why is the duct tape there????

37. All you need is Ramen

38. Who cares what they look like if there’s chocolate involved?

39.Meet the sugar-loaded caterpillar with a great personality

40. This looks like the water you dip your paint brush in

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