40 Funny Signs That Definitely Got The Attention They Deserved

Typically, signs are here just for direction. They’re used to warn of a specific danger, herd the readers like cattle, or convince people to buy products. However, some signs, like the ones shown below, go a step further. Whether intentional or not, these signs are hilarious. Warnings about vigilante cats, free police car rides, and falling cows are just a few of the crazy signs we saw, in addition to reminders about the poop fairy and tapir pee.


1. Their friends won’t park in your driveway either

2. No drink is safe

3. Watch me

4. This would be great if it weren’t for the kids part

Image result for espresso and a free puppy

5. Really, guys, we mean it

6. Finally. An inclusive sign

7. We’ll even turn the sirens on for you

8. If you can’t leap 15 feet in the air this ain’t for you

9. Maybe you should just get out and walk

10. The owner doesn’t need it anymore

11. It’s not our fault

12. Fish nicotine patches kinda aren’t a thing

13. It really is in the fine print

14. Please don’t flush the sweater

15. Not dogs or cats. Cows

16. Not like I can arrest your or anything

17. Stupidity still needs a trash can

18. We only carry quesadillas

19. PLEASE for the sake of the poop fairy!

20. We know that guy and we hate him

21. Science supports my addiction

22. When all else fails, get to the Hampton!

23. Urine danger!

24. But it made you look!

25. Feed the brids

26. You can at least try

27. Sounds like a solid plan to me

28. Crossroads in Denmark just have a certain pizzaz

29. What a deal!

30. The feeling is mutual

31. Marathon motivation at its best

32. Honesty is the best policy?

33. They came out and said what we all were thinking

34. Handle with care

35. What’s today’s special?

36. Blanket term for the 1%

37.The airport anti-romance movement

38. They aren’t wrong

39. Just dump them in the bin

40. The creepy white van is parked out back

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