35 Hilarious Design Fails By “Crappy Deisgn”

It’s a busy world, and everyone seems to be overworked. So it’s understandable that even product and advertising designers sometimes don’t quite foresee problems when they are creating. However, as these photos make clear, some of these designers could have used another pair of eyes to take a look at their design before sending it off to the manufacturer or the printer!

1. Fundamentalists Are Much More Accepting Of Homosexuality These Days

2. They Thought It Was A Tumor

3. Well…Okay Then

4. When You Take Your Online Translation At Face Value

5. Must be Cold Out

6. Flamingos or…

7. Hasta La Vista, Terminator Baby

8. Um, I’d Rather Not

9. Mirror Ceilings Have Time And Place, And It Isn’t Public Restrooms

10. That Is a Flower Print Dress- We Hope

11. Because A Sniper Rifle Wouldn’t Be Fair

12. “Emma” On A Key , Or “Weed ” On a Penis

13. This Is An Oddly Specific Toilet

14. Just Keep Blowing, You’re Almost There

15. Delicious And Fresh Wedding Dinners

16. There Were Already Screw Holes There

17. Well, It’s  a Lock

18. Yeah I Know, Sigh!

19. Life Lesson: All Effort Is Futile

20. Well, Okay, If They Cool With It

21. It Just Runs Like This 24/7

22. So You Can See Who’s At The Door

23. The Miracle of Solar Power -Underground

24. Rotating Billboard Fail

25. But Why The Artistic Kid?

26. Way To Split Kids Open Like Wishbone

27. But Why Is Cancel Green And Enter Red?

28. This Blue Is Red

29. Must Be A Man Due To The Wrist Tie

30. This Dentist Will Put You Out of Misery – Permanently

31. This Vent In The Shower

32. But When?

33. Stairs At The Ministry Of Silly Walks

34. And They Want You To Enter Two Different Phone Numbers

35. Hold On a Sec, Dear Is Calling On My Giant Watch


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