35 Brilliant Acts Of Vandalism Taken To The Next Nevel

While the debate over vandalism’s legality rages on, we can’t help but appreciate the anonymous street artists and their work.  Originality and lots of paint create icons that provide both entertainment and social commentary. Whether it’s painting on walls, taking advantage of protruding nails and pillars, or writing on the occasional toilet paper holder, the work of Banksy, legal or not, is free for us all to enjoy.


1. Ant-Man Fights Yellow Jacket

2. E.T. In Men’s Bathroom

3. Cookie Monster Trashcan

4. No We Won’t

5. Canadian Vandalism

6. Please Do Not Touch

7. One Out of Every Three Snakes

8. Bruce Lee’s Return

9. Applaud The Jellyfish

10. That’s Cruel

12. Packman

13. Calvin And Hobbes

14. Saw This Sign At School, Couldn’t Resist The Opportunity

15. Yes a Few Nice Ones

16. The Shinning

17. The New Fragrance

18. Diabeetus

19. Beware Of Alien Abduction

20. Vandalism Done Right

21. Belgium Train Vandalism

22. Oops, Sorry

23. No Bills

24. If There Is Something Strange In Your Neighborhood

25. Aren’t We All?

26. Mini Kong

27. In Case Of Fire

28. Promise Me You’ll Never Leave Me

29. Whoever Did This, Doesn’t Like Apple

30. Looks Heavy

31. Reboot Universe

32. Spider

33. Cut Along The Line

34. Piano

35. Tetris




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