Reasons Why Leaving Kids Alone With Dads Is Not A Good Idea (30 Pics)

Dads are traditionally good for a lot of things: teaching you how to throw a baseball, bringing home the bacon, grilling meats of all kinds. One thing they are not always known for is watching the kids. And some dads just don’t take the job seriously, as you will see in this hilarious set of photos. Moms, if you do ever leave your husband home with the kid, make sure you hide all the markers!


1. That’s one big kiwi

2. Biker Baby

3. Bubble Hairstylist

4. Dads Always Know How To Make Do

5. That’ll Hold Him

6. Dad Style Efficiency

7. Dad’s Dedication To Costume Day Included Shaving Kid’s The Head

8. Dads Do Whatever They Have To

9. Giving Moms Heart Attack From Day One

10. She Will Only Sleep On His Arm, So…

11. Mini-Joe Rogan

12. Father’s Day 2.0

13. You Can Always Tell  Evil Babies

14. His Wife Threatened Divorce But It Was Worth it

15. Funny Face

16. The Kids Were Bored. Dad To The Rescue

17. You Can Tell The Kid Already Plotting Revenge

18. Babysitting Done Right

19. The Author of “Go The F**k To Sleep”

20. Traumatized For Life

21. When You Are Home Alone With The Kid And You Have To Shovel Snow

22. Organized Dad

23. Drawn On Eyebrows Are Always Hilarious

24. Business Baby

25. Wore Him Out , And No Regrets

26. To Be Fair Her Hair Is Tied In A Bun

27. The Delicate Balance of Dad Life And Gaming

28. Melon-Baby To The Rescue

29. I Find Your Lack Of Binkies Disturbing, Dad

30. Fun In The Home Depot With Dad


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