40 Hilarious Last Day At The Office Farewell Cakes


After years of working at the wrong place, leaving a terrible job can feel liberating. It’s a little bittersweet, though, because you’re leaving coworkers you’ve spent so much time loving, hating, or barely tolerating. If you’re so in favor that they actually throw you a party with a cake, you have no guarantee it will be a pleasant cake. With tidings such as “FU,” “you’re dead to me,” and “traitor,” the messages are sometimes better than the red velvet.

1. Jake’s Coworkers Went a Little Nerd Crazy

2. My Coworker Got a Job at Bing, So Only This Would Do

3. I Just Left Work At Vet Office

4. Sorry Not Sorry

5. What Did We Ever Do To You

6. Apparently Everyone At My Previous Job Is Heartbroken

7. This Cake Captures Our Office Sentiment

8. Stay on Target, Stay On Target

9. Feel Free To Take A Picture And Attach It To Your Resume

10. I’m The Notorious Office Grouch. This Was My Office’s Going Away Cake

11. I Got Laid Off And My Coworkers Gave Me The Perfect Cake

12. Who Are You Again?

13. We Didn’t Want You Anyway

14. Zombie Coworker Leaving The Graveyard

15. When You Hand Over Cake Design To The IT Department

16. A Co-Worker Was Leaving For China

17. Finally Free

18. My Husband Gave Me This Cake On my Last Day of Work

19. Gotham Doesn’t Need You

20. An Employee Left Us For a Job Taking Care of Monkeys In Africa, So This Seemed Appropriate

21. How My Friend Quit Her Job. Hope She Never Wants a Reference

22. Farewell, John

23. Is That Peanut Cluster

24. My Mother-In-Law Left Her Previous Job For a Better One. No Love Lost There

25. I Quit My Job And Received A Loving Going-Away Present

26. Have a Ballon

27. Until Then

28. We Don’t Care

29. Is That Supposed To be a Smiley Face

30. I Don’t Want Any of This Cake. At All

31.  Cake for our grumpy boss

32.  Unsure why they decided to put an apple on my cake…

33.  Last day at work. I think they’re offended I left.

34.  Oh, you’re still here?

35.  I had  mixed feelings about leaving until today

36.  My work gave this to me for my retirement.

37.  Laura won’t be missed.

38.  Game over. You’re dead to us

39.  You’re fired.  Have a cakepop

40.  I love my coworkers

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